Water ripple logo

Water ripple logo

14 Days Free Access to USENET! Water ripple logo 300 GB with 10 GB High-Speed! The Water Logo Revealer is a template designed in After Effects Cs6 that reveals your logo by a water flow. It is not a pre rendered animation, so you are not obliged to use circular o squared logos, you can use ANY logo shape.

Because the water is generated directly from it! You can randomize the movement and colorize the water flow as you like, via an useful control panel. This project, unlike my last water simulation template ultimate water logo, has been designed to work with a bright background. Create animated water drop cursor – Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates two main areas: making cursors animated and using layers in while drawing cursors.

I will show you how to create a simple animated cursor with an arrow and drops of water. Switch to the Create page and select the “New mouse cursor” wizard. The editor does not differentiate between static and animated cursors. Pick a color for the cursor outline. I will select a dark blue color. When you are happy, click the “Create arrow shape” button in the toolbar. You’ll see a arrow outline drawn using the selected color.

Pick an interior color – a bright blue in my case. Set arrow tail size to zero and arrow head size to 20 pixels. Click OK and you have the base arrow. You can generate a smooth arrow shape with this wizard in seconds.

Open the “Layer” panel and add a new layer. Rename the old layer to “Arrow” and the new layer to “Pool”. Then move the new layer down. Switch to “Curve” tool, set its width to 1 pixel and draw an outline of a puddle.