Via cardano

Via cardano

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Ознакомьтесь с другими отелями Starwood в этом регионе. Before starting your hiking, note that in a day you will only be able to cover a small portion of trail. The four sections are quite long, moreover you have to deal with differences in altitude. This nature route stretches out at an average height of 1000 meters, since most of the pastures are located between 600 and 1200 m. The first part of the trail starts at the bus stop of Piazza Mazzini, Cernobbio.

Take Via Volta and head towards Rovenna and Monte Bisbino. Right after the bend, pick up Via Parini on the left and then turn right into Via Monte Grappa. At the church turn right, cross the bridge and take left. After a couple of curves, pick up the trail to Monte Bisbino which passes by the chapel of San Carlo. At the end of the muletrack, before reaching the path that leads to the top of the mountain, turn right towards the locality Ca’ Bossi. A wide track will take you slightly downhill to the Colma del Bugone.

Now, after approximately three hours of walk, you’ll be on the hills that overlook Moltrasio. Enjoy a view of the Alps, Monte Generoso and Sasso Gordona. After one hour of walk you will get to the Colma di Binate. Continue towards the Prabello refuge, but before getting there take the muletrack on the right and head for Alpe di Cerano.

Keep right and get to the road that leads up from Casasco to Erbonne. If you are tired of walking, here you can take the C21 bus and go back to Argegno. Pass the picnic area and pick up the muletrack to the left, that leads to Erbonne. At some point you’ll come across an intersection with a tree equipped with trail signs. An easy track will lead you to Monte di Carolza.

You will get to the road coming up from Casasco: turn left and, after you pass the bend with three crosses, take the muletrack on the left. You will reach the restaurant Capanna Giuseppe e Bruno. An easy and flat trail runs through the steep fields of Monte Crocione, crossing a ski lift. At the intersection, take the trail left leading uphill.