Under 21 clubs in broad ripple

Under 21 clubs in broad ripple

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Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Turn on desktop notifications for breaking news? Steven Hammond, turned themselves in to a California prison on Jan. PHOTO: White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn speaks at the White House in Washington, Feb.

Emin Agalarov denies allegation he offered to send women to Trump’s hotel room “No, completely untrue. PHOTO: Exterior view of the U. PHOTO: Early morning sun shines on the U. Supreme Court building, July 9, 2018 in Washington, D. PHOTO: Judge Brett Kavanaugh speaks after President Donald J. Judge Brett Kavanaugh: Everything you need to know President Trump has nominated Kavanaugh for the U. My Dad and I laughed on the way to the place about the fact that it was pretty much a guarantee that one of us would like this place and the other would not, since we rarely tend to agree on restaurants, but they were game for trying somewhere new with me anyway.

We were on the Northside, so we figured we would check out The Local, based on a a lot of recommendations. But we knew it was there, and headed in. The first thing I noticed was the entrance is somewhat disjointed from the place. So they sort of pride themselves on making things in house, with the exception of the tator tots that are on the menu. So we tried a variety of things. Let me start with the highlight of the meal–my Dad ordered the chicken fried pork tenderloin sandwich. The breading a little lighter and I don’t know,┬ámore loosely stuck to the meat┬áthan your usual pork tenderloin.

But this was a damn good sandwich. Mom and I split the fried chicken drumsticks and the mushroom and goat cheese flat bread as well as some of their hand cut fries. Interestingly, there were wings and the drumsticks on the menu, and they first brought us an order of the wings by mistake which we sent back. The big disappointment of the day was the flatbread. Honestly, we thought it was pretty bad. The crust was that thin cracker-type crust which can be good when done right, but this one was really soft under the toppings and really hard on the edges. And the “sauce” on the flatbread was basically a caramelized onion paste that was spread around on the crust.

It was topped with dollops of goat cheese and slices of what seemed like completely raw shitake mushrooms. The fries were handmade and had a nice flavor–they were maybe just a little soft for me, but on the whole, I liked them. But again, a place only serving ketchup alongside, which seems uninspired to me. I guess I didn’t expect quite so many bar food type things on the menu—from what people were telling me, I was expecting something a little more fresh food oriented or something, and less of all the deep fried stuff.

I guess if I see “Pub” in the name coupled with a strip mall setting I usually expect to see a lot of fried offerings on the menu. The good part is that it sounds like some things were better than average. Also, a lot of places now are offering these flatbreads as apps and I can’t recall ever having a good one. If I’m in the mood for something like a pizza I’ll probably just go somewhere where I can get good pizza. Brent, that is a good point, they do have “Pub” in the name, although the interior is a little more modern than most “Pubs” I have seen. But much of the menu is certainly pub oriented.