Steelcase ripple

Steelcase ripple

Welcome back to another TA Playlist month. Use this thread to ask questions about Quantum Break, report in as you make your way through the game for the first time, and otherwise keep it all spoiler-free steelcase ripple here. Does this game push you to be creative with abilities to get through the game?

I remember when it released there were some videos and reviews people complained about because the player played the game like some sort of cover shooter. I’m finally going to be starting this later tonight, so I’ll try to let you know then. Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. I have Muay Thai training shortly after getting home, so hopefully it will be done when I get back from class. I had the physical edition in my backlog but thought I’d get the digital edition. I don’t want to start the game before June TA Playlist game officially starts.

It appears it has judging by the sidebar – shows this month’s TA Playlist. Plus, it’s technically June 1st in my neck of the woods. EDIT: I have a physical copy. I got a physical copy, too. I was hoping for a steelcase edition or some other limited edition. It seemed the perfect game for it.

In addition to gaming places, I kept checking steelbook. I have to agree with you there. Surprised they never extended the game with DLC in this day and age. I never knew such a site existed! The only steelbook I currently own for my Xbox One collection is HITMAN.

Perhaps Borderlands Handsome Collection is the other one. I pre-ordered the physical edition of Quantum Break. There is some DLC but there are no achievements. I’m not sure what that is.