Rpcuser bitcoin

Rpcuser bitcoin

SEND Masternode Setup Guide for Ubuntu 14. How to setup a SocialSEND masternode on a VPS running Ubuntu 14. This guide only covers rpcuser bitcoin method of setting up your SEND masternode, there are plenty of other approaches out there! Furthermore i take no responsibility for any issues you run into nor can i ensure that this guide will work at any times in the future.

Open the SEND wallet and click on the “Receive” tab. Call it what ever you want, e. Click on “Request payment” and then “Copy address”. Switch to the “Send” tab of your wallet and send exactly 6250 SEND to the address we’ve just created. Safe the output to a local textfile.

Enter a password and write it down somwhere safe. Get yourself a Linux Ubuntu 14. Note: this guide will only work for Ubuntu 14. Change the following values in the file. Go into the installation directory of you SEND wallet and open the masternode. Add the following line and adjust the values to your data. Save the changes and restart you local wallet.

Once restarted switch to the “Masternodes” tab of you wallet and click “Start all”. Your masternode should be up and running now. Tips are welcome, but not mandatory! Or if you still need VPS hosting feel free to sign up with vultr. Create a wallet on your protected machine, as you want to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

Please notice that the potential intruder still will be able to see your addresses, transactions and balance, though. Now you are able to set up your electrum merchant daemon. SSL private key and a public certificate for your domain set up already. Create another file, file that contains your certificate, and the list of certificates it depends on, up to the root CA.