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In the Help menu, choose System_info submenu. You will get the reward within ripple org hours of sending the letter. They need to try things out for themselves rather than just following instructions. Practical tips: See apparatus note Ripple tank and accessories for important details.

When you ask whether the water moves along with the pattern, you could leave the students to devise their own tests and to think and experiment on their own, rather than giving detailed instructions. It is worth considering where the dark and bright ripples come from. The convex and concave surfaces on the top of the wave make perfect lenses. When the light falls on the surface in the ripple tank then light is either focused by a convex surface or spread out by a concave surface. The concentrated light produces bright bands. It takes time to set up ripple tanks properly. If you are going to use a set of ripple tanks for a class experiment, you may want to leave them on a side bench between successive lessons.

Or, if the lesson follows lunch or morning break, you could ask a few students to come early and help set them up. For demonstration purposes, you can now use a compact ripple tank designed to sit on an overhead projector. This produces a large image on screen, which the whole class will easily see. Beware of water on the laboratory floor. Make sure you have a sponge and bucket handy to mop up spills immediately. Place the power supply for the lamp on a bench, not on the floor by the tank. Photo-induced epilepsy: In all work with flashing lights, teachers must be aware of any student suffering from photo-induced epilepsy.

However, make sensitive inquiry of any known epileptic to see whether an attack has ever been associated with flashing lights. Ripple is looking like it will be the cryptocurrency to focus on in 2018, with over 80 banks adopting the Ripple platform, it is time to consider Ripple as a viable investment. To invest in Ripple you will need a Ripple wallet. Below we have highlighted a service that will walk you through the process as well as other good wallet options. Ripple, instead of trading via one of the many brokerage firms that support XRP and other cryptocurrencies, you will, at some point, have to decide on which wallet you want to store your precious XRP tokens in.

Ripple wallets require you to have 20 XRP to reserve your wallet address. Having said that, the charge only applies if you’re planning on holding XRP on the Ripple ledger. So, when you deposit into or buy from an exchange, you shouldn’t be charged because it’s the exchange that technically owns the address, not you. There is a lot of confusing jargon surrounding cryptocurrency wallets. Do you want a software-based cryptocurrency wallet?

Software XRP Wallet This is a Ripple wallet which isn’t physical but, instead, sits online. Hardware XRP Wallet These are physical wallets which can be purchased online or in specialist stores. Most of them look a bit like USB sticks and have a small screen with a few buttons to allow you to check your funds and perform basic functions. Hot Wallet When people say a hot wallet, they just mean a wallet which is more or less always online and connected to the blockchain to allow for fast sending and receiving of funds. Cold Wallet So, cold wallets are obviously the opposite of hot wallets. They are usually physical, and are left online when not in use to allow for the safe keeping of coins. Paper wallets could also be described as cold wallets as they are, of course, not connected to the internet.

So, let’s begin by examining the differences between hardware cryptocurrency wallets and software cryptocurrency wallets, followed by the pros and cons of hot wallets and cold wallets. So, what do we mean by an exchange-based wallet? Well, when you open an account with an exchange website like, for example, Coinbase, Kraken, or Poloniex, you’ll find that the website provides you with a specific location to store each type of coin the exchange supports. One downside of storing XRP in exchange-based wallets is that technically the exchange retains some control of your funds and there’s a very slim chance that the platform could be infiltrated which could possibly result in your tokens being compromised. You should be aware, though, that, if you do choose to store your XRP tokens on an exchange, technically speaking you don’t own the coins. It’s like storing your money in a bank, it is basically yours, but technically-speaking it’s more like the bank owes you the money back. It’s the same deal with cryptocurrency exchange sites.