Ripple in fingernail

Ripple in fingernail

I want to ripple in fingernail sure you feel everything acutely. The boy had a mouth gag, a piece of wood shoved between his lips and tied around the back of his head. The other drug had already taken effect. The boy was about sixteen, a bit tall and gawky still, but he had a firm, lean body.

They lay on his large bed, the blinds drawn, but the lights on brightly so he could see everything. There was a prick on his arm, and within minutes everything became so acute. He could see, hear and feel the smallest things. Something blocked his mouth and pushed hard against his teeth. Drool ran out of his mouth. He could hear the man talk to him as they both lay on the bed. The lights were bright, but his vision was blurry.

Bill turned Josh on his side facing away from him. He squeezed up against his butt until he could feel how hard Bill was. It was strange when they pinched his nipples until they swelled as if he were a girl. It hurt at first, but even when he twisted them the pain went away, quickly to be replaced by something else. Josh jerked for a second, then stopped as Bill began to clench on his testicles.

It forced Josh to push back against his cock. There was a hard prick pushed against his buttocks as his balls were clenched. Fingers tightened and squeezed them, but it was his cock that betrayed him. It began to swell, especially when the hand rose up and scraped along the front of his pants. What was he going to do to me? His zipper was pulled down and the belt loosened.

Hands slid inside, one gripped his testicles again, the other ran up and down his lengthening cock. The cock behind him slowly moved back and forth across his ass. I want to feel your naked cock. The man pushed his hard cock against his buttocks, but it was the hands grabbing his naked cock that bothered him. Not even when he cupped his balls too hard would it go away. Josh, big and hard for me. He let his fingernails scrape along the shaft.

He turned Josh around so they were cock to cock. Relax and let me have my way. He could feel the boys cock jerk against his own. He slipped his hands in his shorts and ran them over the smooth flesh of his ass. His fingers became more aggressive and slid between the sweat drenched crack until he found the raised bud of his anus. It shamed him that his cock continued to throb against the hard cock that pushed up against it.

Now he had to contend with a finger that pushed against his anus. Josh was pushed onto his back. The man knelt over him, towering over his body with his presence. He slid them down slowly until the hardening cock was revealed. It bounced up and sat on his abdomen, slowly growing erect.