Popcorn ripple afghan crochet pattern

Popcorn ripple afghan crochet pattern

Once you learn how to popcorn ripple afghan crochet pattern a crochet stitch pattern, you can design your own projects. Use these free crochet stitch patterns to get you started.

First you need to chain a multiple of 4 stitches. Other times you might see a stitch pattern that says. You would then chain a multiple of 4 plus one stitch and then add one more stitch to make the beginning chain have the proper number of stitches. Reminder: Unless otherwise noted, all magazines are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I’ll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published — no photocopies, scans, pdf’s, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold “as is. Please Email me with any questions before ordering.

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Cluster – Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook through the space, wrap the yarn over, pull through two stitch, leave the remaining two on your hook, Wrap the yarn over your hook, pull through two, there are three loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over, pull through all three loops. Popcorn – Work 5 double crochet in the same stitch. Work a slip stitch in the first stitch, working to the back of the 5 stitches, pushing the stitches to the front creating a raised effect. Start by attaching a slip knot to the crochet hook.

Work a chain 4, join with the beginning chain. Cut the yarn and change color. Round 2: Attach the new color of yarn to the hook. Work a slip stitch in to any chain 1 space between the double crochet. Work a chain 1, this will not count as a stitch, it is the step up to the next round.

Attach the new color of yarn to the hook. Attach to any chain 2 space. 16 times, join with the beginning popcorn stitch. Round 4: Attach a new color in the chain 2 space.