Plastic ripple sheets

Plastic ripple sheets

Deli Store specialise in paper cup and food retail packaging ranging from sandwich packs to salad plastic ripple sheets. Our main aim is to significantly reduce the cost of food retail packaging whist ensuring high quality.

We also aim to offer the most up to date and most affordable products available in the current packaging market. Whether you are looking for 1 carton or 50 cartons just give us a call and we will advise you on your best options. We believe that the process of ordering your packaging should be as simple as possible meaning that everything you require can be ordered online and delivered to you the very next day. For more information or to place an order please contact our sales team or use our online store. If there is no answer, please leave a message and phone number, and we will call you back to take your order. Carrageenan:  An extract from the seaweed Irish moss. This is a powdered gelatin, which you mix with water in a blender to form the “size” on which the colors float.

Even though there are many kinds of gels and thickeners available, nothing has been found that works better for marbling size than carrageenan. More information on how to use Carrageenan. Makes the color stick on the paper or fabric — very important! More information on how to use Alum. Makes colors spread on the surface of the size. You must add a bit of gall to most colors to make them float properly, and to control how much they spread. If a color is not spreading, or is sinking, give it a drop or two of gall.

Also, gall is necessary for some patterns such as the Stone Marble and the Italian Vein. More information on how to use Marbling Gall. A clear plastic 11″ x 14″ box picture frame can also be used as a tray. The tools are made of a strip of wood with metal pins or nails for the teeth.

We make all of them ourselves right here at our workshop. Bouquet, Feather, and several other patterns. This is the standard spacing for a traditional Nonpareil. If you are only buying one comb, this is the one you should get. More information on how to use the Standard Comb.

More information on how to use the Wide-spaced Comb. Fine-tooth Comb:  Used for making very fine-combed patterns. This comb is used just like the standard comb above, but makes a more detailed, intricate pattern. The rake is usually used lengthwise in the tray, so it is longer than the other tools. Scraper Stick:  Used to skim the excess paint from the surface of the size between prints. Fits into a standard cookie tray.

The following 6 tools are similar to the ones above but are twice as long, to fit larger trays. You can cut them down if they are too long for your tray. 22″ long, two teeth per centimeter. 22″ long, one tooth per centimeter. 22″ long, four teeth per centimeter. Used for sprinkling paints onto the size.