Milky way ripple curl

Milky way ripple curl

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY This product contains ingredients which may cause skin or scalp irritation, burns, hair breakage and eye injury. Do not use if scalp or hair is irritated or damaged, or without a strand test if hair has milky way ripple curl bleached, colored or relaxed. Keep out of reach of children. All images are under copyright to myhouseofbeauty.

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MASSIVE LACE FRONT WIGS SALE IS ON NOW! 0oz Ampro Prostyle Shine Serum Mango Marmalade 5oz Ampro Purple Rain Gloss Spray Andis T-Outliner Trimmer Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer 8oz Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo 16oz Aphogee Styling Mousse for Relaxed Hair 9. Our massive Lace Front Wig sale in human and synthetic is on right now! House of Beauty, we will show you how to apply and to care for your hair. 2009 House of Beauty All Rights Reserved. What type of Human hair to use for tree braids? This by far is the number one question that I am asked.

Well before you decide on the type of hair to purchase you need to know how much and how long. For maximum fullness and length I recommend you use 24 inch hair for your tree braids, however the hair used should never be shorter then 18 inches. Some braiders will tell you that you have to use 24 inches, but if they know what they are doing they can make it work with 18. You may be asking why you need such long hair. You need to get either 2 packs of hair or 8oz.

If you purchase it online they will usually sale it in sets of 4 oz bundles so you will need to get two. Make sure that your hair is not on a weft. You want to get hair that is meant for braiding so it should be loose. Note that you will not be able to reuse the hair after you take out your tree braids so I would not advise you to purchase the most expensive hair that you can find because you can only use it once. I like to tell my clients to get either European wave or French Refined hair. If you want to go to your local beauty supply store then I suggest that you purchase either Milky Way hair our Outre hair.

They are going to give you the most bang for your buck. I hope this tip was a good one. I look forward to reading more testimonials from all my clients who purchase my DVDs and successfully learn to tree braid just like me! 200 per pack, depending on the quality. Braids Answers: I often get an email asking what type of hair I use to complete my tree braids?

I am 20, and I have been braiding hair since I was 11 year old. I have not yet mastered the tree braid. How do I make sure that I evenly distribute the hair through the cornroll so I will have a full head instead of it being thin in the back? How do I close the end of my tree braid? And, Silky hair is hard for me to grip, how can I still braid with such silky hair? If your hair is longer, are tree braids recommended? I spoke with you before, and I have another question.

If I choose European wave, should I get regular or Italian mink? Yes, you can, use the Brandy Pro 10 Hair. BEEN BRAiDN HAiR FOR 6 YRS N i JUST LEARNED HOW 2 DO TREE BRAiDS ABOUT A WEEK AGO N iM GETTN GUD AT iT. TS JUS8 LYKE CO CORNROWS BUT U LETTiN DA HAiR HANG. If you would like to use human hair for your tree braids and you what to purchase the hair from your local beauty supply store then I suggest that you buy Milky Way hair or Sensational hair. If you want to use Synthetic hair I think that Free Tress hair works great!

Thanks for the tips on hair for tree braids. I would like to get hair that can be flat ironed straight and can get curly when wet. Will I be able to do this with the hair you suggested from his and her? If not could you suggest a hair brand that will allow me to do this.