Iota reading test

Iota reading test

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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This is an informal listing of Ham Jargon — The opinions of AC6V Only. Not to be used as a definitive source. Above the critical frequency radio signals pass through the ionosphere instead of returning to Earth.

This program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, from computer to station, or from computer to computer. There are more than 96,000 registered users in 128 countries worldwide! This circuit requires a center-tapped transformer. When excessive current passes through the fuse, the metal strip melts and opens and protects the circuit. Fuses are rated in amperes and voltage and time to activate – fast blow or slow blow.

Amateur radio internet radio linking project, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Theoretical “Single Point” antenna used calculate gain. It is a region in which the electric and magnetic fields do not have a substantial plane-wave character, but vary considerably from point-to-point. NTS – National Traffic System – an amateur radio relay system for passing messages.

Parasitic elements are not connected directly to the feed line. RF carrier in response to the instantaneous changes in an audio signal. The name PIC initially referred to “Programmable Interface Controller”. A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. Yagi and some other directional antennas. Electromagnetic energy is refracted when it passes through a boundary between different types of material much as light is refracted as it travels from air into water or from water into air. There is only one path for the electrons to flow.