Hedera helix green ripple

Hedera helix green ripple

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UGA Extension offers a wealth of personalized services like workshops, classes, consultation, certifications, camps, and educator resources. Find out what Extension has for you! University of Georgia Cooperative Extension programming improves people’s lives and gets results. Container gardening has enjoyed an increased popularity in the last decade. With increased urbanization, container gardens have come to the rescue to brighten up patios and balconies. A great many plants have been used in container gardens — from herbaceous annuals, bulbs, succulents and perennials to woody Japanese maples and conifers. Tender Perennials and Tropical Plants Particularly in the South, high heat and humidity often combined with drought, present a serious challenge to ornamental gardening.

This can be especially true for container gardens, where plant roots have limited soil space to access water and nutrients. Large day-to-day fluctuations in soil moisture and nutrients occur in the enclosed container space. Optimal growth and flowering can be adversely affected. Many plants considered tender perennials and tropicals hold up very well in the challenging conditions and can tolerate extremes of heat, humidity, and moisture. Some are uniquely adapted to low-light environments and can be used in containers suited for shaded areas. These plants are traditionally used as interiorscape plants, but they have shown much potential for outdoor use in the summer as well. Others can tolerate or even thrive in full sun.

Because most interiorscape plants are selected for their attractive foliage, the mixed garden will permanently exhibit interest. This publication is intended to provide information on successful gardening in containers using tropical plant materials. Colorful combination gardens made up exclusively of tropical foliage plants. This container features high-light adapted plants and can be used on patios, sundecks, around pools, etc. This container uses plants best adapted for low-light environments. Essentials of Container Gardening Selecting Containers Because of the great variety of options, choosing containers can be challenging but enjoyable! The price range can be wide, especially for large, terracotta glazed containers, which usually are most expensive.

Many people choose plastic containers, which are less expensive. The style and shape of the container should complement the plants grown. The style and shape also should complement other containers for best display. The size of the container will limit the size of the plant. A wide range of materials is available — plastics, fiberglass, terra cotta, stone and wood. Make sure that used containers are clean. Wash out any old compost, chemical or paint residues.