Granny square ripple crochet pattern

Granny square ripple crochet pattern

Free Beginner Knit Crochet classes, course granny square ripple crochet pattern with Teresa Richardson DIY, craft, warrior geek for women, men, children, babies! If you are a beginner, you can find a playlist for the basic crochet stitches by clicking on this link.

Cluster – Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook through the space, wrap the yarn over, pull through two stitch, leave the remaining two on your hook, Wrap the yarn over your hook, pull through two, there are three loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over, pull through all three loops. Popcorn – Work 5 double crochet in the same stitch. Work a slip stitch in the first stitch, working to the back of the 5 stitches, pushing the stitches to the front creating a raised effect. Start by attaching a slip knot to the crochet hook.

Work a chain 4, join with the beginning chain. Cut the yarn and change color. Round 2: Attach the new color of yarn to the hook. Work a slip stitch in to any chain 1 space between the double crochet. Work a chain 1, this will not count as a stitch, it is the step up to the next round. Attach the new color of yarn to the hook. Attach to any chain 2 space.

16 times, join with the beginning popcorn stitch. Round 4: Attach a new color in the chain 2 space. CH 1, Work 3 DC in the next space, CH 1. How horrible is it that I’ve never learned to read the diagrams?

Thank you so much for all your videos. I have taught myself to crochet quite well now, all due to you! I am from the UK so have to adapt the stitches, but I have found your videos so easy to follow. As a left hander I’ve never been able to be taught by anyone. Hi there, I’m looking for a way to bring them all together for an afghan,can you help? Round 1: Ch 2, 11 HDC in loop, do not join.

Round 4: 1 HDC in-between ea HDC around to beg marker. Round 6-21: HDC in-between each HDC around to desired length of cap. Baby Afghan – I chained 100 for the baby afghan and used a size K hook and 4 ply yarn. Drop Stitch – The drop stitch will be worked below the two previous row of shell stitches. Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook 2 rows below, between the shell stitches, pull the yarn up. Repeat one more time for a total of 5 loops on the hook. 1 DC in ea of the last 2 chains.

2DC, CH1, 2DC in the next CH 1 Space. 1 DC in ea of the last 2 DC. Extended or Long Double Crochet – This is where you will work a double crochet several stitches below the row you are on. You will need to pull up on the stitch and allow for some additional yarn, so the stitch does not sag. You will add 4 chains for each segment of the pattern stitch that you want to add to the width. 5mm crochet hook, 4-ply yarn, you will chain 108. This will give you an estimated width of 34 inches.