Galaxy ripple syns

After free foods and healthy extra’s, syns are the third element that makes food optimising the most generous, most effective weight loss plan ever. Foods with syn values are foods that would certainly jeopardise weight loss if they were not controlled. You can have 5 to 15 syns a day which adds up galaxy ripple syns 105 syns a week. Syns should be spent wisely so choose carefully how you spend them.

You can also save up your syns until the end of the week so you can enjoy a few drinks or a takeaway if you wish. The syn value is the averages taken from over 40,000 branded products. Syn values for brands differ and products change from time to time as brands and supermarkets change recipes. The syn database is updated daily to reflect those changes so keep checking the syn values online for accurate syn values. SomeĀ fatĀ free fruit yogurts are free and some have syns. Check syns online for the most up to date details.

Many hot and cold drinks are free. Juiced and pureed fruit loses its filling power and becomes very easy to over consume. Keep count of the syns or swap for something free. Although too much fat, especially saturated fat, is linked to weight gain and health problems, oils which contain unsaturated fat are good for health, helping to lower cholesterol levels and keep our hearts healthy. If you’re cooking with oil, choose one high in unsaturated fat such as olive oil, rapeseed, groundnut, peanut, sunflower, corn, flaxseed, avoocado or almond oil.

Fish is packed with filling protein and good for your health. Fresh and frozen fruit is free. Pureed and cooked fruit loses its filling power and it then becomes very easy to over consume. Very lean meat and poultry are free.