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Crypto code

Ask them to document everything that happened – all transactions, and all communication. Ask them to submit this information to ECAF . If you can read and write English, please offer assistance. Join crypto code telegram chat where people are communicating about this fraud.

They’ve demonstrated a history of integrity in the crypto space. The strength of the Jungle Testnet has always been the community that gathered there. Jungle was the entry point for many dozens of BP teams. It’s where many of us learned, shared, and mastered EOS software. And it remains an important testing and training environment.

Jungle was the first Dawn 2. 0 testnet, and since Dawn 3. See That’s how we broke Jungle Testnet twice in a row, eleven days before 1. His “Superhero” testnet was the first EOS community testnet, and he became an active collaborator with us in Jungle and on many other technical initiatives. Our EOS Network Monitor shows the live status of the network, bp standings, transactions, and more.

As the leading BP in Eastern Europe, we are running this Russian Translation Project to help popularize EOS. We plan to expand into other languages as well. We do not want to encourage excessive rank-checking. Be in it for the long game!

But we did make this cute Telegram warning bot which alerts Block Producers about position changes and changes to top-21 status. На русском – Russian: Crypto Lions. We strive to exceed every standard of transparency to the EOS community. In the first Block Producer Compliance Report from eoswire. The well known white-hat hack group Hacken. And thank you for the congratulations on producing our first EOS blocks. On of April 19th, our Jungle Testnet has produced TWO MILLION blocks!

Sophrosyne Inspired by Eos being the ancient Greek goddess of the Dawn, sophrosyne is an ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control. This begins with respect for the EOS community and its constitution. Competence Meeting the technical, organizational, and legal demands of EOS block producers. Integrity Being honest with others and with ourselves. Doing what we say we’ll do. Our internal motto is “grateful for everything, entitled to nothing.

Photo of Carpathian Mountains used with permission of the photographer, Ruslan Ganushchak. Featured Posts Most selected posts are waiting for you. Buying or selling is not a strange activity in our daily life. Technically, it must be done based on the deal of two sides so that both can just find the benefits they need. Unfortunately, it is not happened in some cases. There is often one side which is being disadvantageous whether the price is too cheap or too expensive.