Broad ripple animal

Broad ripple animal

Broad ripple animal my 3 year old Newfoundland and I return from a nice long and somewhat muddy walk that we have just had on Cannock chase. I let her out of the back of the van and she trots happily to the back door and waits to be let in.

I think we will have to wash you down a bit first. Being a Newfoundland she has no fear of water and it’s not long till I have the hose out and a warm jet of water gushes forth and begins to remove the remnants of our earlier walk. Once satisfied I have removed the worst I get Flake to shake off the excess water. I quickly dive for cover as her body starts to convulse and rock from side to side and about 3 gallons of water leaps into the air and cover anything near.

Once my dog believes she can rid herself of no more water she stops shaking herself and starts to pant to cool herself down. I have already grabbed some doggy towels and I beckon her to jump onto the welly box I have outside the back door. She leaps up and I start the longish process of towelling her down. Big dog equals plenty of rubbing. I start at her head and after rubbing her cheeks Flake turns and her tongue snakes out and gives me a lick. I dry her big buffy head and down her broad powerful back.

Then down her legs and in turn I lift each of her massive paws and dry them down marvelling on the fact that she has webbed feet. I then dry her sides and under her belly. I then lift her bushy tail and struggle to dry it whilst she is furiously trying her best to wag it back and forth. As I give it a quick rub to dry her fur Flakes legs suddenly buckle and her hips pump forward just the once and it scares the living daylights out of me.

I let go of the towel and throw both hands in the air. You made me jump Flake just gives me another one of her kisses and then goes back to panting I exhale and resume my drying duties. Her back legs go and she arches her back and pumps her hips forward. Now I am worried Come on girl let’s get you inside so I can have a look at you.

I think you may have injured yourself on the walk. I’ve told you not to leap about like a mad thing haven’t I? I hang the towels on the washing line to dry and Flake jumps down and I admit to myself that on jumping down she doesn’t wince or show any pain. I open the door to let us in and on entering our home I take my boots off whilst Flake heads to her water bowl for a drink. I then sit on the sofa and call my dog over so I can have a look at her.

Come here Flake, I beckon her. She plods over and gives me some more of her kisses. Who’s my lovely girl I say to her. Let’s see what’s wrong with you. I manoeuvre my dog so that her body is over the tops of my legs as I sit. Then one hand under her tummy to hold her still then my free hand runs down her thigh gently squeezing as I go seeing if it’s a muscle strain.

Well it certainly not a muscle strain I say to myself. Then it suddenly occurred to me, maybe there is a problem with her lady bits. I had never had her spayed and was always on my guard when she was on heat but I could guarantee that no dogs had had their wicked way with my Flake. But maybe an infection or something Now to be honest I was a little uneasy about fiddling about with Flakes personal items for two reasons.

I must admit I pull a bit of a face as I slip my hand under her tail and use my finger to search for her vaginal opening. After much rummaging about I finally find my canines intimacy and begin my examination. I gently push at them to see if there is any sign of discomfort but nothing apparent. I slide my finger along the slit and turn to watch flakes head as I do so getting ready to leap out of the way just in case she is not too happy about me fingering her chuff. I put my head on her back and my mind goes into overdrive.