Bouncy castle crypto apis

Bouncy castle crypto apis

Create, load, save, and convert keystores. Generate DSA and RSA key pair entries with bouncy castle crypto apis-signed version 1 X. 509 certificate files as trusted certificates.

Clone and change the password of key pair entries and keystores. Export keystore entries in a variety of formats. Change the password of key pair entries and keystores. Delete, clone, and rename keystore entries. Check also your operating system distribution to see if Portecle is already included. RPM packages of Portecle are additionally available from the JPackage Project.

Portecle’s Web Start files are self-signed. Security settings in some environments do not allow such Web Start applications to run by default. The help facility was adapted from work by Dave Seaton. MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Experimental support for Elasticsearch as secondary index from 2. 14 introduces a new secondary index for groups. Note that it is not necessary to reindex the changes and accounts indexes offline. These will automatically be reindexed by the online reindexer after starting Gerrit. It is no longer possible to run Gerrit on JRE 7. When upgrading from a previous version of Gerrit, previously downloaded Bouncy Castle . All-Users repo, where it is subject to Gerrit ACLs.

Since these are notoriously hard to setup correctly, we want to avoid storing the password in plaintext. Existing passwords will be migrated to a hashed password during site initialization when upgrading from an earlier version of Gerrit. This means an exclusive ALLOW rule now overrules BLOCK rules on the same project. BLOCK rules still cannot be overruled by child projects. This change makes it possible to allow a permission for a specific ref and to block the same permission for all other refs. In a future release support will be removed and it will be necessary to upgrade custom mail templates to Soy files.

Existing project configurations using the old permission names will be migrated during site initialization. It is not invoked on commits received for review, or on submit of changes. A new hook named commit-received is added, which is invoked when a commit is received for review, and can be used to prevent reviews from being created. A new hook named submit is added in 2. 9, which is invoked when a user attempts to submit a change, and can be used to prevent the submit. Sites using the ref-update hook to validate changes pushed for review, or to validate submits, should migrate to the commit-received and submit hooks.