Bitcoin widget

Bitcoin widget

Add a Bitcoin or Litecoin donation button to your webpage and start getting coins today! It’s simple to use, clean cut, and loaded with bitcoin widget features. Get the coin widget right now: Use the wizard to quickly create a coin widget button for your site right now. Or, if you prefer, you can download the source and host it yourself.

Manual Configuration Add any of these options to the launcher code to customize this widget. This widget supports Bitcoin and Litecoin, contact me to suggest a currency. Toggle what is shown in the counter next to the main button. Set to true if you want to show the QR code generator that appears at the bottom left of the window. Set to false to hide the QR code icon.

Set to true if you want the window to auto appear as soon as the counter finishes loading. Adjust the number of decimals shown on the amount received statistic. Change the text of the label on the main button. The text that appears in the window under the total number of transactions. Execute a function when the window opens. Execute a function when the window closes. Not sure how to work these options into the code?

Note: Make sure your last option does not have a trailing comma. Help us grow, spread the word! Thank you for your interest in helping! If you like this widget, you can help out just by liking, tweeting, recommending or just simply tell someone about it. Thank you very much for your generosity! Have an idea to make this widget better? Make a cool tweak to our widget?

Need help with a currency related project? E-mail me, I would love to hear your ideas! I’ll do my best to reply as soon as possible. Click here to get the code! What cryptocurrency is this button for? Window Alignment How should the window align to the button when opened? QR Code Do you want this widget to show a QR code of your wallet address?