Bitcoin en euros

Bitcoin en euros

Our customers have told us that they specifically love the denomination in Euros: That way the recipient of the bitcoin gift card instantly knows bitcoin en euros value, even if they may not be used to Bitcoin. And, even if they don’t know anything about bitcoin yet — everybody knows how gift cards work! How does ordering and redeeming work? After we receive the payment, we send the gift cards by mail to the address specified in the order.

Shipping typically takes 2-7 days to countries in Europe, while global shipping may take a bit longer. The recipient can then redeem the gift card against bitcoin here. The current exchange rate at time of redemption is applied to convert the value from Euros into Bitcoin. If the recipient doesn’t have a bitcoin wallet yet, we guide them how to open a wallet. This is the standard bank transfer method in Europe.

Shopueberweisung allows customers from Austria and Germany to pay fast and efficiently with their own online banking details, i. Online Bank Transfer offers a convenient way to pay for your bitcoin order directly using your online banking details in Spain, France, and Italy. As soon as we receive the full amount in the bank account, we will send your bitoin voucher to you. To see which payment options are available in your location, just enter your country in the buy form above, and you will see the payment methods available for you. We are working on bringing more options to you in the future, e.

Do you have questions or need support? We’re there to help and will respond within 24h. 10-day moving average would abort bitcoin’s short-term bullish view. It’s been a standoff between the bitcoin bulls and bears over the past few days, but the bulls might getting ready to take charge. Binance announced today that it has appointed Helen Hai as the new head of its charity foundation. BTC is showing signs of exhaustion near a key resistance zone, still, the short-term outlook remains bullish. Public filings released in late May establish the strongest link yet between Bitstamp and Korean gaming firm Nexon.

Snoozers always lose in the crypto market. This guide to the RSI indicator will help you in making timely trades and hopefully walk away with a win. Crypto exchange Gemini has hired former NYSE chief information officer Robert Cornish to serve as its first chief technology officer. 400 trading range and an upside breakout would signal a resumption of the rally. To the right of the address bar, click the icon with 3 stacked horizontal lines. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.