Barbara ripple

Barbara ripple

This Barbara ripple Fan Ripple Stitch pattern is absolutely lovely for a baby blanket or a afghan. For this blanket, which measures about 1. Thanks to Wink for the featured image and inspiration.

If you enjoyed this article please share and Like our Facebook page. How To Make And Stiffen A Crochet Star -So Simple And Easy! None of the tutorial pics are there. That afghan is beautiful but there is not pattern do you know if there is a written copy. Why do you show crocheted items without a pattern? No there is a page, but it is not in Engllish. Go to You Tube, there are tutorials there this is one.

The Crochet Crowd so yes it is available. The picture above was a Pinterest post. This Is By Far The Fastest And Easiest Crochet Baby Blanket You’ll Ever Make! These Granny Triangles Are Quick And Easy To Make And Look Absolutely Gorgeous! Grandma’s Hotpats: The Flat Out Best Potholders Ever! You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Crochet Square Is Done!

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The Neat Ripple pattern is one of my absolute favourites for blanket making and over the years that I’ve been crocheting I’ve made several. I’ve already written a full step-by-step tutorial for working the neat ripple stitch which you can find HERE. If this pattern is new to you, I would strongly advise working up a practice sample before you embark on a full blanket, just so you get the measure of how the rows form. It’s not nearly as complicated as it looks I promise you! For my blankets I generally use a DK weight acrylic yarn worked on a 4mm hook.

I have used 15 x 100g balls of Stylecraft Special DK acrylic with a 4mm hook to make my Coast and Cottage ripple blankets. YO, draw through all 3 loops. Make the tail ends a decent length, roughly 15-20cm is good. For the first 12-14 stitches of each row, crochet over your tail ends as work the row, then leave them dangling. When you are ready to darn them in, thread both tails onto a darning needle. Skip over the very first loop of the first stitch, then pass your needle under the row of crochet stitches.

Take your needle under all the stitches, you might need to do this in two goes. Easy the tail ends through gently and DO NOT PULL TOO TIGHTLY! The crochet work should not look puckered or pulled in any way. Check that you’ve not pulled it too tight and that your crochet stitches remain neat and even. Snip off your tail ends close to the crochet. 2 tr into last chain, turn.

2 tr into the top chain of the chain-3 from previous row. Change to a new colour and repeat Row 2. Row 3, repeating the ripple pattern as for Row 2. Repeat row 2, changing colours every alternate row. Fasten off and darn in all ends. 2 and the final two rows. In other words, the blanket should start and end with the same colour choice top and bottom.

You will then use this same colour to work the beginning of the edging. The edging will be worked in 3 rounds, using 3 different colours. Please note that this will only work if you have made the last two rows the same colour as your first two rows! If you haven’t already done this, then check you have enough yarn and add an extra two rows of ripple to your blanket to match your first two rows. You then use this same colour to work the first round of the edging. Position your blanket so that it’s the right way up, with the right side facing you.