Baby ripple crochet

Baby ripple crochet

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Size can widely vary if you use anything but the recommended yarn and hook size. Tension also plays a large roll. To achieve the “chevron” or ripple look, all we do is a series of double crochet, with regular increases and decreases. I referenced this pattern as a starting place. Repeat Row 2, changing colors every two rows.

I usually just eyeball itit should be the side facing you when you are working the first row of a color. No need to add increases or decreases on the border. When you make it all the way around, join with a slip stitch in the first dc. Work another round but this time do it in sc to sharpen the edge a bit. Weave in your ends and you’re ready to give it to baby! If you’d like to make it bigger or smaller, refer to this pattern for ways to make that happen. Free Beginner Knit Crochet classes, course online with Teresa Richardson DIY, craft, warrior geek for women, men, children, babies!

There are a couple of ways to make the dress larger or smaller. You can change the hook size to an E or G. You can add a couple more stitches to the under arm of the yoke. You could use 6 or 7 chains or chainless foundations stitch if you wanted to make the chest larger. The chain can be used instead of the chainless foundation.

40 Chainless HDC or 42 Chains, HDC in each chain. The foundation row was not counted as a row in the video. It is a row, however I am leaving the instructions so they match the video. Row 7: Add a marker to the 40th stitch from each edge. You can use a chain 5 if you are not familiar with the chainless foundation stitches. 2 Knots, SC on each side of previous knot.